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Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attourney

a legal document that allows another party to act on your behalf in legal matters such as real estate. The other person is often a legal authority or trusted relative.

You can give your attorney broad powers over your finances or as little power as you wish. With a power of attorney document, your attorney has the authority to do some or all the following:

  • use your assets to pay your everyday expenses and those of your family
  • buy, sell, maintain, pay taxes on mortgage real estate and other property

How do I create a power of attorney?

To create a legally valid power of attorney, you must properly complete and sign a power of attorney form and have it witnessed by two people, both of whom cannot be the individual appointed as attorney in the document. An affidavit of witness should be prepared and notarized if the power of attorney needs to be recorded for real estate transactions or other purposes.

How We Can Help

We at GCY can prepare the necessary power of attorney to be used for the purpose intended by the grantor. It may be the intention of the grantor to make it very limited or very broad. And, not only can we prepare it, we can advise you on what the proper content should be.

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