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Tips for selling your home

Oct 16, 2013

You have decided to sell your home. Over the past few years you have renovated the kitchen, bathroom and basement, which certainly adds value to your property. A good impression of your home starts with the outside appeal so let's share some tips:

1) Front door old? Replace it with a new door that sets the tone when a potential buyer walks through.

2) Paint peeling? Sanding and a fresh coat of paint will improve the look ten fold.

3) Front steps splitting or cracked grout? Regrouting is easy and will impress potential buyers

4) Old house number and mailbox? Install fresh numbers and a new mailbox to update the exterior.

5) Doorbell not working? Easily overlooked and easily fixed.

6) Unwanted debris on the steps? Ensure, leaves, cobwebs, garbage and recycling are removed.

Place some planters on the steps in moderation.Your home will now look well maintained, bright and spacious.

Simple but effective tips on adding value to your property when selling.