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Looking for a condo?

Jul 09, 2014

Carl Langschmidt, realtor and founder along with his brother Ahren and Andrew Harrild have developed the unique website condos.ca .

Carl became concerned that buyers and investors were not being given accurate information on square footage which ultimately affects the value of the property. Some were apparently as high as 10% inaccurate making the units bigger on paper than real life.

He obtained critical land registry information that gave exact square measurements of more than 275,000.00 condo units and had a team map out that information building by building and cross referenced it with MLS sold and other data to create a very clear picture of each building.

Mark R. Youngman and Associates have worked with Carl for many years. He is an excellent realtor and has always given his clients superior customer service with an eye for detail.

Condos.ca is probably only the beginning.

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