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How to Succeed In Your Residential Real Estate Search

Jun 16, 2014

Buying a home is a serious investment that you will spend a significant amount of time living in. Making the right choice can seem like a daunting decision. It may seem like a decision so large that it’s easier to make a decision on the spot. This article will help you break down the different parts that you’ll want to look at before making a choice.

Knowing Your Own Needs

Many home buyers will shop for homes and wait for one that they like. While going on a gut feeling can sometimes be a good decision, there are other tools to that will look at what’s truly important in your life:

  • Location: the quality of nearby schools and the distance to work will have an effect on you
  • Type of home and features included: size of yard, number of bathrooms, detached home, or condominium. Before making your choice, be sure to consider alternatives and consequences. For example, a smaller yard means less yard work, but it does limit the types of activities that can be held.
  • Budget: this will be a critical factor. What funds are actually available? Remember to include the various expenses that come along with the purchase.

Relying On The Expertise of A Realtor

A good realtor will be able an experienced second set of eyes, reviewing different properties with you along the way. As such, it’s important to find a reputable realtor whom you trust with your best interests. To develop this rapport, it’s a good idea to disclose your needs and budget. Connect with your real estate agent in a variety of ways. If you need to communicate last minute decisions or changes, you will be relying heavily on your connections.

Shopping For Homes

When you end up seeing one home after another, it can be hard to keep track of details and impressions. Keep a mental tally of important features and make sure that you find the answers after visiting each home. It can help to keep a written account of your impression of the home. In addition, other details that affect daily life might be of interest:

  • Conditions of windows and heat loss
  • Condition of plumbing and past leaks
  • Type of heating system and age, also past heating costs
  • Type of wiring within the home 

These questions can be asked in subsequent revisits to the property.

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