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Finding a good real estate agent

Oct 03, 2013

There are two common ways : Someone you trust may recommend an agent or you can search the internet. If you choose to find your own agent via the internet, the following points should be considered.

1) Look for the top realtor in the area you want to live in. How else will they know the local market?

2) Check the agent's track record of success. A good Realtor should know their stats. Ask to see their client's testimonials and search the content of their website.

3) Choose an agent who often handles homes in your price range to ensure the agent is committed to you and not to people with money looking for trophy homes when you need a condo.

4) Call one of the agents that interests you and if you like the conversation, meet with them; afterwards, think about whether they seem honest and realistic regarding your home purchase and are they motivated to help you on your time-table.

5) Your agent should be able to assist you with all the necessary services, such as arranging a house inspection, arranging a mortgage and recommending a real estate lawyer.