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Do I really need a will? Spring Promotion: GCY offers 15% off wills during April and May

Apr 11, 2014

A will is a very important legal document. Making a will is an often over-looked personal responsibility, which helps direct your assets to the right people at the right time. Failing to plan for a will can cause unnecessary financial tension and stress for one’s family and friends. TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT.

And, even if you have a will, it may be time to review it and make sure it is up-to-date with any financial or personal changes that have occurred since you initially created it.

GCY can help you with solid, simplified and cost-effective advice. Contact us for a quote and make planning and/or updating your will a priority while we are offering 15% off the usual rate to complete a will.

Why is a will important? According to senior lawyer, Mark Youngman: “A will is important at any age once you are a young adult. It protects your assets and ensures loved ones don’t have to guess where you want your money to go, and if you have children, people are clear on who the official legal guardian of the kids will be. As well, this prepared document ensures there is less tension and discord between family members. And, last but not least, it protects your assets from going to an unintended person.

And, Mr. Youngman, who specializes in real estate, also feels you should protect where the money from your home sale goes to in the future.
Lots of good reasons to draft a will and power of attorney today.