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 Feb 25, 2019

Youngman Law spreads the kindness


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 Nov 29, 2018

Join our Team!

Looking for a hard-working and friendly articling student to join our team

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 Nov 06, 2018

Leaving your real estate agent:

Breaking up doesn't just happen in love relationships

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 Oct 31, 2018

Halloween Fun

Law firm bring in the spooky spirit to the office

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 Oct 19, 2018

Money Stress

Rising mortgage rates

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 Oct 03, 2018

Office Fun

Thanksgiving potluck at GCY

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 Aug 24, 2018

Consumers have more power

Home-Sales Data now publicly available

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 Jun 18, 2018

A new company lists Canadian property

A U.S. Company wants to list Canadian properties on its' site.

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 May 18, 2018

Finding the right family for his home

A request for a community advocate

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 May 14, 2018

Demand for housing

Are we meeting seniors' needs?

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 Apr 27, 2018

Thinking of buying a home?

It's not getting easier for many

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 Apr 16, 2018

CRA wants you to report your sale

Honesty is best when it comes to sharing your home sale

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 Mar 29, 2018

A variable rate or fixed?

Consider your lifestyle and weigh the options when choosing your mortgage.

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 Mar 23, 2018

You have an agent - now what?

Hire a real estate lawyer that protects your best interests

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 Mar 20, 2018

Real Estate Market

Buyers and sellers should remain in reality

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 Mar 15, 2018

Tips for Moving Day

Royal LePage offers movers a good list

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 Jan 23, 2018

What to expect with new mortgage stress test

Are you ready?

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 Jan 11, 2018

Condo Market still Hot

Government intervention means condos have more bidding wars

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 Sep 15, 2017

New market changes:

Should you lease your home?

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 Jul 17, 2017

What foreign investors need to know

Should you pay the Non-Resident Speculation Tax?

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 Jun 09, 2017

The changing Toronto market

Appraisers are taking a second look at properties

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 May 31, 2017

Did Home Capital cool the real estate market

Some experts think so

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 May 12, 2017

The story behind it all

Financial Post Reporter shares his take on Home Capital Group

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 Apr 12, 2017

GCY supports #pinkshirtday

This law firm believes in a safe and supportive environment

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 Feb 24, 2017

Real Estate Tips

What to know when closing on a condo

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 Feb 10, 2017

Market price spikes

The expense of living in the G.T.A.

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 Jan 24, 2017

A new digital mortgage company

Technology transforms how banking is done

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 Jan 17, 2017

Risky Lending Practices

Some subprime mortgage providers are teaming up with unregulated rivals leading to risky lending.

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 Oct 29, 2016

New Housing Reforms: Some confusion

Some conflicting advice for homeowners

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 Oct 29, 2016

How mortgage brokers are working with new rules

New rules could push borrowers into shadow lending market

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 Aug 04, 2016

Hot Real Estate Market

How overseas investors affect the market

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 Apr 04, 2016

Key areas for renovation

What to pay attention to in re-sale value

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 Mar 16, 2016

Watch what you put on Facebook

You could be sued for libel

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 Feb 24, 2016

Our law firm supports anti-bullying

A #pinkshirtday at our law offices

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 Feb 03, 2016

RRSP Facts you should know

2 Myths about refunds revealed

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 Jan 11, 2016

What's going on with the housing market

Changes in the western market

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 Nov 10, 2015

Testamentary Trusts

Do you understand the new rules?

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 Oct 26, 2015

Is reverse mortgage for you?

Should you consider this as a senior?

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 Oct 14, 2015

GCY Supports Blue Jays

Law team can #cometogether for Jays

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 Sep 29, 2015

Are you finding the right insurance?

Some helpful tips on how to avoid common mistakes

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 Sep 04, 2015

Do you truly want to rent out your property?

Be aware of what is involved in this type of real estate investment

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 Aug 26, 2015

Are you taking advantage of our will promotion?

Contact Us Today for Will Preparation

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 Aug 06, 2015

Calling all Trailblazers:

What are your succession plans?

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 Jul 24, 2015

Financial Planners helping others

Financial planinng for those in need

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 Jul 07, 2015

Is your family provided for in your will?

Some important facts to keep in mind for planning your will for your family.

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 Jul 06, 2015

Grow ops may cause reseller problems

A home's criminal past can reduce its resale value

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 Jun 26, 2015

Time to do your will?

15% off during summer promotion

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 May 27, 2015

Is living near a school worth the cost?

Should you consider a condo if you want to live near a TDSB school?

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 May 21, 2015

Is a reverse mortgage for you?

Should you consider this option?

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 Apr 23, 2015

It’s never cut and dry: Toronto Star articles on mortgage changes and extra charges you should know about:

If you have a mortgage and decide to transfer to another institution, the new provider will usually cover transfer fees. To switch a collateral mort

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 Apr 17, 2015

Parking spots in the city, Are they worth the cost?

Due to the increase of car-sharing services and a greater emphasis on transit and walking or biking, parking spots are less popular to city dwellers.

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 Apr 10, 2015

Game changer for investing if the TFSA limit is doubled

In the next couple of weeks we will find out if the government will double the TFSA limit probably when Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivers the budge

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 Mar 18, 2015

Micro condos & their tiny appeal

With the average price of detached homes in major Canadian cities exceeding one million the average person is having to consider other options. Micro

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 Mar 04, 2015

What Happens When a Developer Cancels a Condo Project?

It was devastating news for purchasers of UrbanCorp’s Kingsclub condos, a pre-construction Toronto condo building just north of Liberty Village. The

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 Feb 26, 2015

To be or not to be & living close to a subway & is it worth the cost?

ith the recent announcement of another transit fare hike which will cost 10 cents more at the fare box and $93.00 per year for a Metropass, living clo

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 Feb 10, 2015

Global News: Law firm buys strangers lunch to celebrate random acts of kindness week

TORONTO – Lawyers at the Gasee Cohen & Youngman law firm in Toronto bought eight Torontonians lunch as part of International Random Acts of Kindnes

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 Feb 06, 2015

Susan Hay Visits GCY

Our law firm shares their commitment to #RAKWeek2015

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 Jan 15, 2015

Great tips on building trust with clients

If you are reliant on client’s in your business mutual trust is essential for the relationship whether with new clients or long standing ones. It is

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 Jan 08, 2015

Building wealth and smart budgeting

After the holidays resources are limited, so instead of advising to contribute to RRSP or pay down the mortgage Gordon Pape is focusing on ideas that

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 Dec 17, 2014

In hot water over hot tubs – condos.ca will share the info

We’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s happening in Canadian condo law. There’s been a lot of legal activity surrounding Toronto condos over t

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 Dec 05, 2014

Pre-construction Toronto Condos, A Wise Investment?

Article by Carl Langschmidt of condos.ca December 3, 2014 Posted in Investing, Toronto Condos For the last decade, we’ve been bombarded with tales o

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 Dec 05, 2014

GCY's Mark Youngman quoted in article

For the last decade, we’ve been bombarded with tales of pre-construction pots of gold and how the easiest way to turn a profit in Toronto real estat

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 Dec 03, 2014

Single ladies drive the condo market: power in small numbers

Single? It’s more common than ever and smaller condos are benefitting from single status One-person households are expected to show the fastest pace

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 Nov 21, 2014

Micro units, small but mighty investments for some, though the jury is out for some lenders

A recent article in the Toronto Star talks about the benefits of small condo spaces, but some lenders still have some concerns. Micro condos are 500 s

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 Nov 20, 2014

Hiring Now

Looking for litigation law clerk to join our friendly law team.

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 Nov 18, 2014

Tax tips to consider before year end

It is almost always better to pay tax later. If you are considering taking some profits from the winners in your portfolio, consider waiting until aft

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 Nov 10, 2014

Have you thought about an investment property? Some things to keep in mind:

With low interest rates and some money in the bank you may be considering purchasing an investment property. Researching the property and the market w

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 Oct 31, 2014

First time home-buyers: Check out these tips

The financial post put together some useful tips: You have saved up your downpayment for your first home. Purchasing your dream home could become a ni

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 Oct 22, 2014

Time for mortgage renewal? Don’t just sign the form when it comes.

An article by Financial Post reporter Ted Rechtshaffen on why you don’t just sign the renewal form: Prior to your mortgage being up for renewal, mos

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 Oct 09, 2014

Meet GCY’s Kevin Klayman

Gasee, Cohen & Youngman are specialists in many areas including Vehicle & Equipment Leasing. One of our lawyers with vast knowledge is Kevin Klayman.

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 Sep 30, 2014

Are you taking advantage of significant savings for reducing energy waste and water use in your home? here's some simple tips

Most people try to be mindful of the environment and the costs of energy required for their home. According to the World Energy Council we could be do

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 Sep 17, 2014

The importance of google for marketing law firms

Article From Dominate Law GOOGLE PLACES LISTING FOR LEGAL PRACTICES Google Places Listings today is one of the easiest and fastest ways to market your

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 Jul 09, 2014

Looking for a condo?

Carl Langschmidt, realtor and founder along with his brother Ahren and Andrew Harrild have developed the unique website condos.ca . Carl became concer

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 Jun 25, 2014

The Hidden Costs of Homeownership

The cost of buying a home and the cost of the home itself are not the only things you pay for as a homeowner. When planning your budget, be sure to in

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 Jun 20, 2014

Should Land Transfer Tax Become An Election Issue?

The land transfer tax is more than a policy issue, it has an effect on the local economy. As such, it should be an issue that voters can influence. In

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 Jun 16, 2014

How to Succeed In Your Residential Real Estate Search

Buying a home is a serious investment that you will spend a significant amount of time living in. Making the right choice can seem like a daunting dec

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 Jun 10, 2014

How to Avoid Real Estate Claims

Real estate related negligence accounts for a significant amount of claims. Whether you’re typically an estate and trust law practitioner acting as

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 May 14, 2014

Real Estate Fraud – Information you should know

Adapted from Globe and Mail – article from Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine (Christopher Myrick) Fraud is common in the real estate market – w

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 May 08, 2014

Want to end your mortgage payments faster?

Scotiabank advocates “small changes, big differences”. This can be applied to many aspects of life but it is particularly powerful when it comes t

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 Apr 30, 2014

Tips on What Not to Do When You Sell Your House

There are many guides on what you should do when you are selling your home but not very many on what not to do.

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 Apr 24, 2014

The Benefits of Buying Title Insurance

Title insurance is a type of insurance which protects a homeowner against challenges to the ownership of their home and problems relating to the title

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 Apr 18, 2014

5 Tips to Help You Recover from Debt

Falling into debt is easy but getting back out of it can be a slow and discouraging process. Don’t give up! With a bit of extra work and some educat

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 Apr 11, 2014

Do I really need a will? Spring Promotion: GCY offers 15% off wills during April and May

A will is a very important legal document. Making a will is an often over-looked personal responsibility, which helps direct your assets to the right

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 Apr 07, 2014

GCY helps raise money for prostate cancer

GCY Senior Lawyer, Mark Youngman, and youngest daughter, Chloe Youngman, 6, have post celebration breakfast at Yitz's Toronto after doing Harry's Spr

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 Apr 04, 2014

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you need a personal injury lawyer, you want to find someone with the right skills. Falling victim to injury causes you physical, emotional, and f

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 Mar 31, 2014

Title Insurance and Why You Need It

As a homeowner, you’re likely to face many issues that arise unexpectedly. But homeowners overlook those that are directly related to the title of t

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 Mar 21, 2014

The Dangers of Firm Offers in Real Estate

Making a firm offer on real estate gives you the advantage of securing the home you want. But you can run into costly issues if the property has any h

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 Mar 12, 2014

How New Home Buyers Protect their Investments

New homebuyers need protection. A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and you’ll want to maximize its return over time.

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 Mar 10, 2014

Meet another member of the GCY Law Team

One of our lawyers, who also works with real estate is Carla Manias. The friendly, and knowledgeable lawyer who can assist you if you are purchasing o

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 Mar 06, 2014

Personal Injury Law

There are many types of damages from personal injury. They include medical bills, lost wages, disability and diminished earning capacity, chronic illn

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 Mar 03, 2014

Is it time to consider a fixed rate mortgage?

According to a new report by BMO Capital markets, a longer term fixed rate may soon be a better deal than variable. Historically, a variable mortgage

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 Feb 24, 2014

Looking for a great place to work

GCY is looking for a legal assistant to work for two senior lawyers

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 Feb 13, 2014

GCY salutes #RAKweek

Our law firm gets in on #kindnessatwork

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 Feb 04, 2014

Supreme Court Decision

There is no shortage of rhetoric in the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision on the scope and interpretation of amendments to Ontario’s Rule

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 Jan 29, 2014

Should you help the kids?

Previously many parents felt their kids should work for a house purchase as they had but there is a new philosophy to help during their lifetime due t

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 Jan 24, 2014

Extending a closing date for a home

Buyers often have to extend their closing date. Main reasons are: The buyers have not yet sold their current home. The buyers financing has f

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 Jan 08, 2014

Land transfer tax rebate

Rules for Land-Transfer Tax If you own or have owned a home you are not eligible for the rebate.

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 Dec 18, 2013

Mortgage renewal tips

By law, banks have to send you a renewal notice at least 21 days before the end of your present term. Canada's big lenders will contact you months

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 Dec 11, 2013

Finding the best mortgage product

Financial institutions have their own in-house selection. If you are an existing client you can negotiate as they will want to retain your business. I

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 Dec 06, 2013

Do lawyers need mentors?

A task force will decide

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 Nov 28, 2013

GCY is proud to support Lawyers Feed the Hungry

Lawyers Feed the Hungry is a program that provides meals to the hungry.

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 Nov 06, 2013

Personal Injury Expert Joins GCY

Americo Fernandes joins GCY bringing his personal injury expertise as well as experience in family law and commercial matters.

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 Oct 31, 2013

Agents versus real estate website

When you find an agent that suits you, then you will have an advocate who will screen properties, negotiate the best possible deal for you and handle

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 Oct 16, 2013

Tips for selling your home

You have decided to sell your home. Over the past few years you have renovated the kitchen, bathroom and basement, which certainly adds value to your

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 Oct 09, 2013

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Important reminders for YOU!

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 Oct 03, 2013

Finding a good real estate agent

Tips for finding one

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 Sep 25, 2013

Importance of Estate Planning

Planning your estate sooner than later ensures your personal requests are carried out.

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 Sep 18, 2013

Weekly Legal Fact - Leasing

Here's an interesting legal fact: Lease contracts have two parties. The Lessor who owns leased goods and the Lessee who is leasing goods for temporary

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 Jun 28, 2013

Real Estate Obsession

Canadians love to talk about the housing market. Are we too real-estate obsessed?

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 Feb 22, 2013

The International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund may feel home prices and construction are still too highly valued but the real estate market is not slowing down as mu

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 Oct 10, 2012

Is Canada immune from a housing bubble?

No one is immune to a housing bubble and all Canadian home owners and banks need to pay attention to this fact: http://bit.ly/Qh3loi

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 Sep 17, 2012


Mark Youngman of GCY feels that housing prices, though not in a bubble, are definitely something to be cautious about when buying your next property.

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