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Community Service

GCY believes in giving back to the community we serve: Every year we buy seasonal greeting cards and host a charity golf tournament to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital.

On a personal note, our legal experts are not only busy with their law duties, but they make time for charity commitments too.

Vic Rampersad is founding Director of the In Karma Community Association, which assists charities (mostly children related) in Canada and abroad. The group organizes events to raise funds for charities such as Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, Our Place Homeless Shelter, Caribbean Children’s Foundation and various orphanages in the Caribbean.

Kevin Klayman is president and founder of Summer Dreams, a charity which sends underprivileged children to summer camps across Ontario. He also works with a charity called Rising Stars which is a mentoring and leadership training program that supports teenagers in the Jane/Finch area. Kevin also sits on the Board of Directors for the Allen Benn Scholarship Fund which is set up to financially assist potential university and college students from the Jane/Finch community.